Best Results



I keep my focus on filming and free flying and get myself mentally ready to race and compete again with full energy in the important Worlds Year 2017  



An other Injury right when im ready to fly again so time to recover one more time and focus on Rhythmen of Flight Project.

2 day Wins at my first comp back in florida after over a Year.

But after that Reality sets in and my Incident in Elsinore starts messing with my head.

Not really any good comps results after that. 


Jan.Campeonato Hombres Pajaro Colombia 5.Place 

Solder Injury right after the comp and no more flying for 2014



NSW Hang Gliding State Titels 11. place 

French Open 13.Place

Alpen Open/Austrian Nationals 1.Place 

Tirolermeister Streckenfliegen 1.Place


NSW Hang Gliding State Titles

Rob Kells Meet 

Flytec Race&Rally

King Ludwig Open 

Duch Open

Tiroler Meisterschaft


Best of Diedams

Anger Open



King Ludwig Open 4. place

Alpen Open

18° FAI World Hang Gliding Championship 3 place TEAM




XIV Open de Canaris 7. place 

European Championship Ager  2place TEAM





2009 : King Ludwig Open 11. place

Alpen Open 3. place

World Air Games 1. place

Stubai Open 1. place

Tiroler Landesmeisterschaft 1. place

Open De Canarias 3. place

Inofficial World Record Swoop 650m


2008 :

OOE Open 6. place

Ludesch Open 10. place

Pre World Air Games 1. place

Best of Diedams 8. place

Tiroler Landesmeisterschaft 2. place


2007 :

Tiroler Landesmeisterschaft 1. place


2006 :

OOE Open 1. place

Tiroler Landesmeisterschaft 4. place