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This was a hell of a year flying with all my buddy´s from around the world.                                           Happy New Year !

Flying into my home town

Hang gliding at Night

This was the first test flight with my LED glider

Indian Summer in Austria

People are Awesome

The Rhythm of Flight 

Jonas Lobitz and my hang gliding series across America

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Episode 12

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Episode 1

Happy new year to all of you around the world !!!!

It has been a hard year for me recovering from my shoulder injury but now I'm BACK . I take a lot of positive things from that year and I learned a lot about my myself. I'm excited for the year to come and ready to play hard ! Thanks to all of you how always send me good vibes over this past year and helped me to stay positive,you are the best!
All in all it still was a fun year .

Im very happy to announce my new        Sponsor/Partner Suunto .                                                                            

                  The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is a perfect watch for flying.

Safe, Healthy, and Happy Holidays!           The Wills Wing Crew

                           Happy to be part of such an awesome Team  

The all new Wolfifly magnetic camera mount´s Check it out

Finally !!!After months of testing and planing now i´m super happy to announce the 2 new Wolfifly mounts The Gecko and Gecko mini . 

  1. The Gecko´s are easy to use magnetic camera mount´s . 

The first 10 to order a Gecko (Big) get a extra free extension pole
The first 20 mounts are are ready to ship next friday 20.12.13. 

Order your Gecko mount now !!!

SkyWings May 2013 Cover

New Zealand Hang Gliding Adventure Teaser

Visualization Techniques for Pilots


European Championship Kayser RESULTS

Check out the new video of my flying in stanwell .

Special thanks to The Aviator for another amazing editing job

Proud to present my new logo

Check out the new video from my quest swoop. 

Edit by Eric aka Aviator he did an amazing job on the editing thanks man.

Austrian National Champion 2012    Staatsmeister 2012 

Tiroler Meister 2012

Nichts für schwache Nerven: Drachenflug am Tegelberg

                                  das Allgäu online;art16442,1145260

Finally!!! The Quest swoop video.

Alex and I swooping the lake at Quest

Alex and I double aerotow at Quest Air

Rob Kells Memorial Competition 2012


Follow my flying live HERE

(updated every 10 mins.)

More infos about the comp on my facebook , twitter and


My season here in oz is over and i go back to the northern hemisphere. It was a amazing summer with a lot of cool people, thanks for an awesome 6 months. HERE is a video of the best photos of my time

A fun week racing hang gliders in Australia

USHPA Cover February2012

USHPA Cover February2012  Volume 42 Issue 2
USHPA Cover February2012 Volume 42 Issue 2

Air Design webside online

Please help my to win and like it on the nokia page It would be cool when you share the link to thanks Wolfi

1. Gaisberg Speedrun

Here are the results from the 1. Gaisberg Speedrun last weekend.
it was a fun race.
Race 18:30 – 19:00 Uhr

1. Wolfi Siess 3' 08''
2. Primoz Gricar 3' 21''
Günther Tschurnig 3' 24''
4. Gerd Dönhuber 3' 28''
4. Steffen Hertling 3' 28''
5. *Tom Weissenberger 3' 33'' (disqualified: Gate II missed)
5. *Raimund Kaiser 3' 33'' (disqualified: Gate II missed)
Christian Tiefenbacher 3' 47''
5. Mathias Kreuztaler 3' 47''
6. Steffen Wink 4' 18''
7. Georg Schreder 4' 24''
8. Michi Huber 4' 25''
9. Thomas Halter 4' 33''
10.Sigi Huber 4' 43''

RESULTS Training 11:30 – 12:00 Uhr
1. Primoz Gricar 3' 34''
2. Wolfi Siess 3' 37''
3. Gerolf Heinrichs 3' 50''
3. Christian Tiefenbacher 3' 50''
5. Gerd Dönhuber 4' 01''
6. Steffen Wink 4' 04''
7. Steffen Hertling 4' 07''
8. Seppi Salvenmoser 4' 16''
9. Raimund Kaiser 4' 19''
10.Günther Tschurnig 4' 20''
11.Mathias Kreuztaler 4' 35''
12.Sigi Huber 4' 52''
13.Georg Schreder 5' 00''
14.Michi Huber 5' 04''
15.Guido Gehrmann DNC (Did not compete)
16.Klaus Nößler DNS (Did not start)

Here a link to see some pics!/album.php?aid=32122&id=100000229273297&ref=mf  



and a video from the race   

Finally the river bridge swoop video is online lean back and enjoy have fun . Wolfi

I´m on the Cover of the DHV-info April/May

edition 35.000 exemplar